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I haven't been on this for a minute. I have either been stuck in wretched LA traffic or I have been surfing. Fun times have been had, though. Just bought a new board, put on the base coat and then waxed it and I am contemplating taking it out this weekend. We'll see.
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Today has been sort of a day made of suck, but it is going better for me than the guy who got arrested at the California Highway Patrol office (and who had $6,000 in cash on him).

I went to the college I want to go to today and got everything sorted out with them and the veteran's office in regards to my GI Bill. I get to register for classes earlier because of my veteran status, as well.

I got my vehicle inspected today at the CHP, as well. Surprise, surprise, everything checks out. Thanks for wasting my time. I don't know what is so important about that stupid ass sticker inside the driver's side door. Quite a few states don't give a shit about it.


Aside from having the sunburn from hell, I also got a parking ticket in Pasadena today while I was at Starbucks with one of my friends.
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Yesterday, I bought a wet suit. Today, I reserved private surfing lessons. They will be providing the board, so that is a plus. I have to find a swimsuit and thus far, my search has turned up nothing. This is LA, people. Beaches galore. I shouldn't be having this issue finding a swimsuit. The ones I have found have ties on the side of the bottoms (which I don't think will be comfortable in a wet suit) and/or they have the double-tie bikini top. I don't mind the halter portion having to be tied, but the bottom one needing to be tied, as well? Hell no.

Going to Anaheim this Sunday to meet up with a friend and see if a pair of my boots will fit her. We shall see! Hopefully traffic won't blow on the way there or back.

Oh, and the 134 sucked ass today. I think I am the curse to LA traffic.
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To eat at Neptune's Net, which was most delicious. GPS kind of frustrates me, because it doesn't give me non-freeway options like my old one did. The 110 around the 5 seems to always be fucked, so it would be nice to avoid that stretch, but whatev.

Plans tonight include seeing my brother play at the Hotel Cafe. Thinking of leaving crazy early so that I don't get shit on in rush hour traffic jam from Hell.
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I went and got my new GPS at Best Buy today. It is a Garmin. I saw one for much cheaper, but I have never heard of the company and the Geek Squad dude recommend I stick with Garmin. I was planning on it, anyway. The last thing I need is to be put in the sort of jam my last GPS (Magellan) had put me in.

After I was done at Best Buy, I considered satisfying my craving for In-N-Out Burger, but when I got to the one close by, it had a crazy ass line. I decided to save time and money and just eat at home. Before getting home, though, I decided to get my car, known to the world as Evil Ted, a car wash - he was in dire need (bird poop and pollen all over, oh my). I found one in Pasadena, but it looked like it was expensive and that people actually washed it for you. I decided to go to the one near my house on Figueroa, but that one had a huge line. Used my brand spankin' new GPS to try and locate another, but that one was a get out and do it yourself, coin-operated one. I went back to the one on Figueroa and decided to just wait in line.

Back home now, and considering going for a walk around the neighborhood. There are some markets on Figueroa I want to check out. My brother should also be in tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing him again.
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So, I have decided getting a new GPS would make sense (now would be a good time to mention the one I have is close to being busted). I am thinking about going to get one, but I am not feeling the whole get in the car and drive aspect of the deal. Maybe this can wait until tomorrow.

Also, I am craving In-N-Out Burger. *sigh*
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