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Things are going well. Finals are almost here and this semester is almost over. I can't believe it! I am registered for both winter and spring semesters (my school is weird) now. Winter semester will suck and be long, but spring will be much, much better.

Anyway, I went to Las Vegas to visit my Grandma for Thanksgiving. I had a good time with her for the most part. We had a few disagreements and she tried some of her guilt tripping bullshit on me, but it didn't work out. (In fact, it just pissed me off more.)

Just studying and living.
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posted by [personal profile] ascannerdarkly at 10:40am on 18/09/2009 under
So, my computer is busted and needs some work on the screen. I am beginning to wonder if I should have just gotten a new computer. Oh well, the work is getting done now. I have missed a lot of stuff online, unfortunately. That's why I haven't been around anywhere (people on LJ would notice this more than anywhere else).

Anyhow, it sounds like it's going to be a while before I get my computer back. I need it as soon as possible, unfortunately, but I don't have the $150 to put it towards the front of the computer to be fixed line. *sigh*

I'll be making an entry similar to this in my LJ later on. I have to get ready to go to my eyebrow waxing appointment and then to go pick up a check for a friend (the same awesome friend who lent me their computer while they were at work).

If you need to tell me anything, post it either here or at my LJ or message me at either place.
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So the Station Fire is now at 157,220 acres, but is 56% contained. It has also been ruled an arson. Lets all hope that they get this thing completely contained soon without any further injuries, deaths, and loss to property and communication centers.

It has been a pretty uneventful weekend thus far. School starts again tomorrow, but it will be a short day because I only have one class. After school I am going to go recycle my cans and bottles for $$ and then go to the animal shelter in Pasadena to donate some cat food and see if they need any volunteers. Volunteering would look good for my future college plans.
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Damn, it's been a while since I last updated this thing. I have been pretty busy enjoying LA and getting things straight for school. Family has come and visited me, I have a friend coming to visit me soon, I went to Vegas to visit my Grandma, etc. Just enjoying life.
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I haven't been on this for a minute. I have either been stuck in wretched LA traffic or I have been surfing. Fun times have been had, though. Just bought a new board, put on the base coat and then waxed it and I am contemplating taking it out this weekend. We'll see.
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I got up way late today. I had things to do today, but I got up so late, the day was shot. I went for a walk around the Rose Bowl, came home and showered, and then went to the library. Unfortunately, a trip back to the school I am looking at attending is in order. I also need to make an appointment with a guidance counselor or whatever at the university I ultimately want to go to, so I can find out what will be required for me to transfer there in a year.
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Ugh, I need more conditioner. I want to go to Trader Joe's, but I don't want to deal with the potential crazy frenzy that is going on in that parking lot. Also, sat around in my room all day or went on the upper back porch and smoked cigarettes. Feeling like a bit of a loser for not going to a show tonight that I was thinking about going to, but I need to be careful with my money and the entrance fee was a ridiculous $25, for a band that is moderately known around LA. (Although, I had never heard of them before, so.)
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